YOUR School Dinners!

Send in your photos!  (Hot dinners only please, not packed lunches)   Remember to include the price.

Hunsbury Park School - Chicken curry, rice and mixed vegetables.  Bread and a flapjack.  Cost = £2.00

Hunsbury Park School - meatballs in tomato sauce, pasta, mixed veg, bread.  Flapjack (or fruit) £2.00

What Julie ISN'T looking forward to - rice EVERY day!

Packed lunch 'Fruit Challenge' - on 4th October, children at Hunsbury Park School, who had brought a packed lunch had the following different fruit - apples (red and green,) bananas, oranges, nectarine, grapes, mango, plum and pear!

Clipston School - fish cake, chips, peas and tomato sauce.  Blueberry muffin.  Milk or water.  Cost - £2.20

Clipston School - jacket potato and bolognaise, peas.  Shortbread.  Milk or water.  £2.20

Packed lunch 'Fruit Challenge' - on 12th October, children at Clipston School, who had brought a packed lunch had the following different fruit - kiwifruit, pineapple, strawberries, watermelon, banana, grapes, orange, apples, plum and pear!

St Loy's School - Fish cake in a roll, mixed vegetables and home-made chips;  tomato sauce.  Rice crispy cake or fruit.  £2.00

Packed lunch 'Fruit challenge' - on Monday 15th October, fruit seen in packed lunches = orange, banana, pear, grapes (red and green) dried apricots and dried mango, sultanas, nectarine, apple, two of the biggest strawberries I have ever seen, and for the first time in the fruit challenge, blueberries.

Southfield School - has a cafeteria system as it is a senior school.  Prices vary from about £1.75 to £2.20.

Chilli, rice and nachos.



Penne pasta with tomato sauce and cheese

Tomato panini and chips, tomato sauce

Bagette with chicken and pesto; or with grated cheese or sausage.

Blisworth School - Thursday 18th October I'm guessing here - meat cobbler (?) mashed potatoes, carrots, green beans and gravy.
Price = £2.20


. . .   followed by a home-made biscuit.

Friday 19th - pizza, chips, sweetcorn and peas . . . 

. . .  followed by yogurt.

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