Third message from Mrs J 

Tuesday 30th October

Had breakfast with the girls at 7.30 cunchi (which is wet rice) with peas/beans.  I found this quite easy to eat and filling.  I was allowed to wash up my own plate today  in the water butt.  There has been no water for  a while so all the water has to be bought up from the well.  I helped to do this which caused some amusement, they have some wonderfully designed water carrying pots that have a lip that doesn’t allow the water to spill.  So I didn’t spill any but it was quite heavy to carry and I had the smallest container. 

Julie and I were accompanied by one of the sisters to visit the beach. We walked and although people look at us (because of our pale skin and also that I am now wearing trousers not a sari, not that I have given up with the sari but it is easier for me to walk in trousers) they  do not stare rudely they are just interested.   Young children want to talk to us so they can practice their English.  Anyway , the beach was not looking its best as it has been windy hence, lots of seaweed, and the water was murky ( not how I had envisaged it clear blue water and white sandy beaches), but there was different shells to see, so it was nice.

The weather has been overcast but cooler which is more pleasant.

I helped to cook the lunch today and was a hit.  I didn’t have a choice of ingredients I just assisted the cook.  We had rice (just for a change) with sambal (cabbage boiled with flavoured water, added spices, tomatoes, onions and tamarind, and provides the gravy) and a  potato curry.   The cooking facilities consist of  a hob (no don’t get excited) which is three concrete areas where you make a fire put a huge pan on the top and heat up your ingredients.  It is hot and smoky work.  I then help light the fire under the tank of water to provide steam which is fed along pipes on the ceiling to the steamers which cook the rice and the pototoe curry.  (So it’s real cooking not just putting it in the microwave)  Oh and of course then everything has to be washed up by hand (No dishwashers like in the staff room). It was a great experience hot and smoky but great fun not sure if I will be asked again to help.

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