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. . . . .  And lunch was lovely!!!  No-one got a tummy ache!  Not only did Mrs J prepare the vegetables,  help to cook everything and put it all into the pots and buckets, she then served it!

And this is what it looked like, although the girls did not have the sprouted bean salad with it.


Again another day without electricity or water.  It did come on for about half an hour just after lunch so I was able to put yesterday’s news and photos on the website.  Good job the cooking is done using wood to make a fire, or we all would have been hungry!
To go back to earlier in the day - for breakfast with had wet rice with peas.

Then we went for a walk to the local beach.  We met with two boys who chatted to us and everyone said “Hello” and asked “Where are you coming from?”  On the beach we collected some shells and there were hundreds of little blue jellyfish washed up.  On the way back we called in to see a teacher and Mrs J took lots of photos of her garden - she was growing a vegetable called ‘drum-sticks’ and three sorts of fruit - bananas, pomegranates and papaya.


After lunch we bathed and rested for a while and then three girls came to fetch us to share their drink and snack - hot milk with sugar and a banana.  Mrs J had bought 12 St Loy’s book bags with her and in the orphanage there are 12 primary school children - how good was that!  She gave them out and I took their photos.  This was probably the first new thing they had ever been given.  We told them we would come back at 7 o’clock to show them some photos.  I have a small projector, but it shows photos the size of the wall, so everyone was able to watch it at the same time.  First we showed them photos of themselves - welcoming us, studying, at school and the function.  Then we saw photos of St Loy’s school dinners and packed lunches, so they could see what you eat.  I was surprised that they knew what pizza was, but they hadn’t tried it.  Last of all I showed them photos of my family. They were very happy.


Then it was time for supper and we had  . . . . . . . . . . . . rice and green gourd (tastes a bit like courgette) and sambal with tomatoes and green beans in it.  The older girls and I chatted for a bit whilst Mrs J taught the younger girls the Hokey-Cokey. 


We were supposed to leave for Madurai this afternoon, but it is a holiday today, so we are going tomorrow morning after breakfast.  We will collect our luggage and have a taxi to Batlagundu.  When we get there, we will go shopping to buy Mrs J a new sari or two!

So scroll back up to the top and click on Batlagundu creche to read about what happened to Mrs J next!

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