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Before breakfast the girls study and Mrs J sat to hear a girl reading.  Note their school uniform and matching hair ribbons!

For breakfast on Monday we had cunchi - which is wet rice, with green gram.

After breakfast Mrs J helped in the kitchen, cutting up brinjal (little aubergines) . . . .

and cabbage . . . . . .

As it was still raining hard, assembly was cancelled as there is no school hall and assembly is usually held outside.  As well as prayers they raise the Indian flag and sing the national anthem.  So we went to visit some of the classes.  You can read about this in Mrs J's second message.  She will also tell you about our trip to visit sights on the island and to go shopping.  It was difficult to choose Mr H another present  - yes, he already had a shell to blow in, yes, he had a carved elephant, yes, he had a clock, yes, he had a lamp cover yes . . . . . . . . . .  .

We bought some custard apples as I love them!  As we were out we missed lunch but bought egg puffs to eat.  They are like a sausage roll, but with half a hard-boiled egg in them, in a spicy paste. 

For supper we had chicken nuggets and chips with tomato sauce. 

ONLY JOKING!!!!  We had rice, (white) cabbage and (green) cabbage sambal.   

It rained all day, there was no electricity and no water in the taps, so we put buckets out to catch the rain.  But things will get much worse tomorrow!!!!   Much, much worse!!!!!!  Mrs J is going to cook lunch for us all !!!!!!!  What if all 175 girls have tummy aches?

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