Second message from Mrs J 

Mrs J here,

On Sunday night it rained and it poured if we had had rain like it in the UK the whole country would have come to a standstill.  There must have been about 20 cms  (or 8  inches) of rain!!   

We had breakfast with the girls it was a bit colder today so some of them had scarves or hats on. They had to go to school so I went with them.  More children come to the school there are lots of pupils.  There are boys in the primary school as well as girls but boys do not attend the secondary school.  Some of the class have up to 65 children in them with one teacher (no Mrs Holland to help).  There are no displays on the walls, no computers and no interactive whiteboards.  In fact there are not even books to read.  The children only have their workbooks to study from.  Some of the children were happy to read to me in English (they learn it at school) and they were excellent (much better than me trying to read Tamil or speak Tamil although I am learning a few words).  The school day is very long I will tell you about that when I get home.

We have had lots of power cuts here and also the water does not run all the time ( I have had to use a bucket of cold water to wash in).  We collect the rain water too for washing in. 

Julie and I were tourists during the day and went out with two of the sisters (to be honest there is not a lot to see).  For example we visited an aquarium but there was no fish!!!!!!.   We paddled in the sea at the southern tip of India in the rain under an umbrella (how very British we are). 

We had dinner with the girls guess what it was RICE again with green cabbage and white cabbage.  There is a photo of this.  But it was delicious but not as delicious as tomorrows as I am going to help the cook with the lunch (Watch out Mr Nourish).

Enjoy the rest of your holidays and remember how much good you are doing by helping these wonderful children so collect in all your
sponsor monies please.

Mrs J




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