Hi Mrs Johnson here, I am having an amazing time. Yesterday I met the girls at the orphanage.  I was surprised at how healthy, happy and nicely dressed they were and do you know they seem to smile all the time.  (They have wonderfully white teeth too).  Eating with the girls sitting on the veranda corridor in two lines sitting cross legged opposite each other was an experience I will never forget.  Three older girls started at one end of the veranda spooning out rice, then potatoes curry, then chicken curry (they had chicken to celebrate the gardener's daughter's wedding!  Usually they have an egg on Sundays) and dhal.  Everybody waited patiently for their food to be served.  They said “Nandree” (thank you in Tamil, which is the language the girls speak and are taught in).  I like the girls, ate my food with my fingers (this causes lots of laughter as I get in quite a mess!!).  You can only use your right hand to touch the food!  You try this at home, let me know how you get on!!!!.  ASK PERMISSION FROM MUM OR DAD BEFORE YOU DO THIS. 

Later the girls welcomed us to a dance performance and yes you guessed it I cried lots.  It was so fantastic that when it finished my
cheeks hurt from smiling so much.  Julie and I then tried to learn a few dance moves, luckily this was not videoed!  The girls found our dancing very amusing and it was lovely to hear them all laughing, Oops I think I will cry again.

The girls love looking at all the letters and the pictures we have sent from school.  They ask a lot of questions about what our
school is like.  I wish you could all experience what I am experiencing now as you could see how much we are helping these girls to be healthy, educated and happy. Our money is really be used well and these girls are extremely grateful for everything we do. 

I could write so much as there is so much I want to tell you all but the rest will have to wait till my next instalment.   So until then keep safe and be happy in the knowledge that you are helping these girls greatly with your money from the sponsor day.


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