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Newsletter - November 2012

Greetings from India!!!   For those of you who have not been following my trip, please do visit:-


Most exciting of all, Mrs Johnson from St Loy’s School came with me to visit the orphanage at Thangachimadam.  St Loy’s has been supporting the children there for many, many years.  I can say without any hesitation, that Mrs Johnson had a very nice time!  You can see lots of photos of her on the  website.  As the electricity goes off in the evenings, we are going to buy another solar light as two lights are not enough for 175 girls (and a CD player as their cassette player kept breaking down whilst they were dancing for us!)  A future plan is to build more toilets for the school - now more than three times the original size, but with the same toilets.

I have also visited Karisalpatti and Batlagundu and am now at Kodai Kanal.  Next week I will be going to Paravai (a new project which WFPS is going to ‘adopt’) and Munnar. On Sunday, my friend Christy is getting married - I’m SO looking forward to that!

As usual I have been made VERY welcome.  The children have been particularly excited as I am eating all of my meals with them.  Some schools I work with in Northamptonshire, have sent in photos of their school dinners.  Each day (electricity permitting!) I am posting photos of what we are having here, so they can compare.  The food at Thangachimadam and Karisalpatti was excellent - a healthy, balanced diet.  At Kodai so far, it is not so good.  Although they receive SO much support from Blisworth and Creaton Schools and regular donations from Aunties Hannah & Anne and Uncles Declan & Micky, they have far more children here than at any other project and the cost of transporting everything up the mountain, doubles or triples the prices.  So if any other school would like to join us, the children at Kodai Kanal would be VERY grateful!  All we ask is for pennies to be collected.  I can come to talk about the project and you would receive thank-you letters from India and see photos and films of your new friends. 

Here they have rice for every meal with dried pulses for breakfast, a lentil/vegetable ‘gravy’ for lunch and pepper water / sometimes egg for supper.  The food here has certainly improved and they have an after- school snack of black tea and mung beans and even have chicken every other Sunday!  Still no fruit and no dairy - milk, cheese, yogurt etc.  I am going to find out how much it would cost for them to have just 3 cups of milk each a week - and then we need to find some ‘milk monitors’ - people willing to help with this cost.

I was most looking forward to returning to Karisalpatti.  Last year was my first visit - I thought I was going there just to catch up with an old friend, only to find that she was looking after 64 children.  I was very shocked by how thin and ill they were - they were only having rice to eat.  So a few emails later and the children at Karisalpatti were ‘adopted’ by Hunsbury Park and Clipston Schools.  Donations were also received from Corby Widows, Kettering Inner Wheel and Luke.   I remarked to one of my friends, that sitting there, eating with 70 happy, healthy children, I was perfectly content!  Now we just need to buy them a solar light system (no electricity in the evenings when the children need to study and do their homework.)  Plus a few smaller items - toiletries, stationery, nighties / pyjamas (they sleep in their day clothes) and a jumper each for their cold season and in the mornings until the sun comes up.

I am also really looking forward to going to Munnar Orphanage- supported by Southfield and Northampton High Schools, various Inner Wheel groups and Aunties June and Jenny.  Lucy from Northampton, has paid for a library for the girls so I will take lots of photos for her.
There will be another newsletter in January with a round-up of news from 2012, our grand total for the year, how it has been spent and our aims for 2013.  Please do email or write if you want any further information on anything.
As always, thank you SO much for your continued support!

Kind regards,      Julie-Auntie   (as they all call me!)  



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