Little Flower Orphanage - Munnar

Helped by Southfield School Kettering and Northampton High School.

Wednesday 14th November

I was going to get a bus to Munnar, which would take about six hours.   However, as I was still in rather a ‘delicate’ state, tummy much better, but not eating and a bit weak, I thought it a good idea to go in a taxi instead.  I had just decided on this when Sr Mathilda happened to mention that she was at Munnar as a teacher and Headmistress for 29 years so I asked her if she would like to come with me - yes, she most certainly would!!!   The journey only took about four and a half hours in the taxi.  I only look ahead when going up the mountain.  If you look to the side it can be quite frightening!  Like Kodai, because it is high up, it is much cooler than on the plains, so cardigan out again and socks on. 
We were met by Sr Annie Chacko, who is in charge of the Boarding.  She was very pleased to see me and it was a lovely surprise for her to see Sr Mathilda as well.  After batheing and resting I had a tour of the campus to see what was new and then went to see the girls.  This is what I saw when I went into their room.   Below that their daily timetable.


There are many new girls, who had not met me before, so I told them all about myself and my family.  I also told them about Lucy, Northampton High and Southfield Schools.  Time for prayers and supper - and yes Mum, I am back to eating normally again!
Thursday 15th.   Sr Annie and I went shopping and I took lots of photos in the market of the different fruits and vegetables they have here. 


Then we went to a nearby dam and reservoir.  The scenery in Munnar is stunning anyway, but with the water as well it was …….  Well see for yourselves!


This area used to be all forests, but now it is mainly tea plantations.  The hill behind the school shows the difference! 


Sr Annie has given me some local teas to bring home.  Also some peppercorns, cinnamon, cardamom and other spices. 

After lunch I rested and then wrote up more stuff for the website.  Being ill put me back a few days, but once again it is the lack of electricity that disrupts everyone’s day.  After tea I went to see some girls who were practising their drumming for a competition next week.

Then to see the girls in the Boarding again.  First of all I photographed the books that Lucy had paid for.  There were 175 of them and Sr Gracy said that the rest of them, which they particularly wanted, were on order and would be delivered soon! 

Some of Lucy’s friends had made book labels so I stuck these into some books and took photos. 

The girls were very interested in Lucy,  sorry Lucy - they are not happy with your photograph - they want one so  can see your face much better!  The books have been numbered and entered into a catalogue, but they will be covered in plastic before the girls can use them, so that they last for a very long time.  A bookcase has been donated so the books will be kept clean and tidy.  This will then have a sign “Lucy’s Library” and her photo on it.

Next to Southfield School.  Lucy is a new friend, but most of the girls already know Southfield School!  I gave out your letters and pictures . . . 


. . . . which they are going to put in a file so everyone can read and share them.  The origami butterflies, I am going to blu-tack to their dormitory walls.  I told them they represented friendship flying from England to India!

I asked Sr Annie what she wanted to spend your money on.  She said that prices generally are rising and because of this she has had to cut down on some of the girls' food.  So she will use the money to pay for more milk and tiffin - a snack after school, otherwise they go from 12.30 to 7.30 without anything to eat or drink, apart from water.  She will also use some of it to give them a special Christmas meal. 

It is SO important that the girls know that they have friends who care about them.  Three girls had made Christmas cards for me, so I took their photo.  Of just these three, one girl does not have any parents and the other two have sad tales to tell, so your friendship is VERY important to them!!!

Tonight the girls are holding a 'function' for me - singing and dancing!  Yes, I will film it so you can see it!

At the end, I truthfully told the girls that it was the best function I had ever seen!

Sweets at the end and lots of photos - and yes, that is Sr Annie Chacko standing in front of me with a frilly hat on!

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