Kodai Kanal Thursday

Again I sl
ept VERY well!  This morning it would be breakfast with the girls.  As I walked around to their rooms, they were sweeping the paths / roads etc.  They use a bunch of twigs for sweeping all the leaves and rubbish into little piles and then other girls sweep the piles into old buckets.  This is then burnt and the ash used as fertiliser on the gardens.  They have gardens here to grow vegetables and as the climate is similar to that in the UK, they grow potatoes, cabbages, beetroot, onions, swedes, turnips and peas.  The only problem is that now the climate is getting warmer, monkeys and wild pigs are moving up here from the plains below and they raid the gardens and eat everything!

Breakfast was orange juice, scrambled eggs and grilled tomatoes, two rounds of nice bread with seeds in it, toasted, with home-made marmalade and marmite (yes, I like to have both at the same time on my toast) and a pot of Darjeeling tea with skimmed milk.    Oh no!!!  That was a dream!!!    Breakfast was rice with some dried peas and cold water to drink.

I sat next to two Year One girls who were TINY!  They looked as if they were only 2 or 3 years old.  Both ate a LOT more than me!  


Today I am going to take some more photos and I have the items from Creaton School’s India Day - a painted silk cushion, a little green and gold book for Sr Jacky and the posters used to advertise the fete etc.  I will get some of the children to hold these and I will photograph them.  So look out tomorrow for these  - electricity permitting!  It has been off since supper last night and the battery is getting low on my lap-top.  As soon as the electricity comes on, everyone shouts and I run to my room to charge my lap-top, cameras etc and then pick up my memory stick and run to the computer to try to upload as much as possible before it goes off again.  In the kitchens, the cooks have everything ready in their electric blenders and grinders and so switch these on.  It does usually come on at 10 o’clock on the mornings for an hour or so, but it’s 10.30 now and no sign of it.  Thankfully, William-Uncle (as the children here call him) gave a generator, so the school can use the computers given by Declan-Uncle, whether there is electricity or not.  Off to take some more photos.  

TODAY'S LUNCH GETS THE '  WORST MEAL SINCE I HAVE BEEN IN INDIA ' AWARD.   Overcooked sticky lumps of rice, yellow water with no flavour and about a teaspoon of chopped cabbage.    

But then “bull’s heart” which was nice - it is a
fruit like a custard apple.  The children don't have fruit, but I am eating lots of fruit and also taking a multivitamin / mineral tablet to make sure I stay healthy.   When I am not eating with the children the food is better.  

As it was sunny I thought I would sit outside to read for a while, but of course, it then started raining!  So I rested inside and then went on the computer all afternoon - and the electricity stayed on!  I prepared the photos of my family, Blisworth and Creaton Schools, what we have to eat for our school dinners and photos of themselves, which I would show to everyone.

Before the film show the children did two dances for me - one by the boys and one by the girls - I have filmed them so you will be able to see when I get back.  Then I showed the photos - when they saw pictures of themselves they laughed and shouted - they really enjoyed that. 

We all had a special supper.  A cook came in specially to prepare and used pots so big that we could have bathed the children in them!  He was cooking for 200 after all!  He prepared tomato rice and chicken and it was cooked over wood fires.  We all sat in lines together on the road, in the dark and it was so good, I even had seconds!

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