Kodai Kanal Friday

First some photos for Creaton School:-

Spot your poster!

Up very early this morning for Mass and then over to the Boy’s Boarding for some Army drill.  The girls are very good - quiet, well-behaved, tidy and organised.  The boys are the opposite!  So I decided to teach them some drill - how to stand spaced out in rows, stand to attention, stand at ease, to march off, etc. etc.   They were very keen to learn.  One of the older boys is going into the Army when he leaves school, so I appointed him as Sergeant.  I wrote all the commands down for him and explained each one.  The I taught the boys how to stand to attention and stand at ease.  They were very good at it.  Next they stood in rows and the boys in the front held out their left arms to touch the next boy on the shoulder, to space them out.  Then all the boys behind held out their right arms to touch the shoulder of the boy in front.  They shuffled to get into the right place.   Then I shouted “Boys!  Arms down!” and they smartly put their arms by their sides and stood to attention.  We also practised “Boys!  Sit down!” so they all sat, still neatly spaced out.  I decided to add “Boys!  Silence!”  so they put one finger over their lips and stayed quiet.  Standing again, I showed them “Boys! Lead off” and one boy walked off with the others following and then the leader of the next row followed and so on.  I told them that they must practise and do as their Sergeant told them.  They were very happy to learn this and said they would try hard and not make the Warden have to shout at them so much.  I told them that I would be leaving Sr. Jacky some money to buy them a cricket set (they all cheered and clapped!)  BUT that they would not get it until they had practised and become good.

Breakfast this morning WAS NOT RICE!!!!!!!   No, it was not a dream!  I had paratha which is a sort of bread with egg curry!  I was eating with the Father who took the service this morning and the Sisters.  The children did have rice though.

After breakfast I took some photos of Sr Jacky with her presents and went to my room to type everything up and then the UNWANTED VISITOR IN MY ROOM incident took place.  Go to the ‘Home Page’ to read all about it! 

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