Karisalpatti Sunday

Today is Sr Charles’ Feast day (a bit like a birthday!) and so I had breakfast with the Sisters, puri (a fried puffy bread) and potato curry.   

Then we (myself, the Sisters and the Christian children) walked to the village Church for Mass.  Afterwards the children ’wished’ Sr Charles and I gave out soft toys to the first and second standard children, which some friends of mine had knitted.  I told the children I would send money for skipping ropes, balls, a cricket set etc., so all were very happy. 


Next, time to stick up the messages from Clipston School - two in the convent for the Sisters and the rest all over the children’s home.  So by the door they use to go to school is ’Have a nice day at school’.  Already some children have asked the Sisters to translate and have learnt what they say.  Then the art work from Hunsbury Park School, one on the end wall in the room where they eat, one in the downstairs room and two upstairs.  The children are SO happy!  I suppose you would like to see some photos?


I asked Sr Charles about the children at night time.  I knew that they sleep in their day clothes and now I know that they sleep on woven straw mats.  They do have a cover and all snuggle up together when it is cold, like a roomful of puppies!  So I asked how much it would be to buy nighties and pyjamas, which would save their day clothes.  They would cost about 80 rupees which is a bit less than a pound.  These would be good quality ones that would last and wash easily.  So this is something else I would like to buy for them, even two each, so one to wear and one in the wash.
Sunday before lunch = wash time, for their clothes and themselves.  It was SO funny to see them.  The girls were being sensible and washing their clothes nicely and the boys were basically just messing around!  The Sisters then ask the boys if they have washed their clothes, they say ‘yes’ and then cannot show their washed clothes and so are sent back!


Lunch, I have to say, did not look good.  Huge lumps of stuck together rice with pea and potato curry.  However, it was really delicious!  This was my meal . . . 


. . . .   and as you can see, the children eat A LOT more than me!!!

As today is Sunday, it is very relaxed.  Most of the children had a little sleep after lunch and some have had visitors.  Some children are here as they live far away in the forests or up in the hills where there are no schools.  Their families bring them biscuits and sweets.  The small twins do not have parents, but their grandmother came to see them today.  Some children do not have anyone which makes me very sad.  But compared to many children in India they have very happy lives.  Especially having somewhere nice to live (decorated with brilliant artwork!)  plenty of healthy food to eat, a good education, medical care and people who care for them, both in Karisalpatti and in England.

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