Karisalpatti Monday

I woke up very early, but children were up before me and sweeping the paths etc.  I was a bit stiff as I am not used to sleeping without a mattress, but the children sleep on the concrete floor every night so I can’t moan.  For breakfast we had rice with okra sambal and cabbage.  Yesterday there was a wedding at the village hall which is opposite to the children’s home, so the wedding party gave us their left-overs.  I found it very difficult to eat, not because it was someone else’s left-over food, but because it was rice AGAIN.  My stomach was shouting ‘No way!’ and my brain ’Toast and marmite!!!!!’  But I was with the children, so had to eat it all.


Some more photos for you - the kitchen - very smoky!  And the bathroom / toilets.

Then it was time to get them to school.  Ask your Mum / Carer to read this bit.  Now you know what is it like in the mornings at home.  “Have you cleaned your teeth?  Have you really?”  “Mum, I can’t find my PE kit”  “Mum, where’s my other shoe?”  “Have you remembered your recorder/violin/cornet?”  “Stop hitting your brother!”  “No I don’t know where your homework book is”  “What do you mean, you’ve left your coat at school!  It’s pouring with rain!”  “In the car NOW!”  and so on……….       Now, just try to imagine what it is like trying to get SEVENTY primary school children off to school!  A bit late, but off they went.

So, I travelled back to Batlagundu and time to catch up with my washing and onto a working computer with electricity AND internet access to bring you up to date a little.   This afternoon I am going to take my friend Maria shopping.  She is the same age as me but she does not have any family and was brought up in an orphanage.  Then she came to work in the kitchen at the convent and has been here ever since.  She has cooked for me every time I have been here over the last 20 years, so I like to treat her to some new clothes, toiletries etc.   

Tomorrow I am going to Kodai Kanal.  Let’s hope they have electricity and internet access so Blisworth and Creaton Schools can see their projects!

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