Karisalpatti Children's Home

SO sorry for the delay!!!!  There was a computer at Karisalpatti, but no internet connection!   So here are a couple of photos to be going on with.  The first one, someone in Mrs Butcher's class at Clipston School will recognise and the second EVERYONE at Hunsbury Park School will recognise!!!

As our car broke down,  we were late arriving at Karisalpatti and it was VERY dark (no electricity!)  The children were all lined up and singing ’Hearty Welcome Julie Auntie’  I walked past the children and recognised most of the faces.  I was then presented with a decorated cloth garland and a bindi was put on my forehead.  Yes, I did cry!

The children went off for their supper and I told them I would come and eat with them the next day.  For my supper I had chapattis with an onion and tomato mix.

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