Our journey to India

. . . .  which will include photos of my meals on the aeroplanes!

So . . . . .  How excited was Mrs Johnson when I picked her up!!??!!  We went by car to Birmingham airport and arrived nice and early.  At long last it was time to board the aircraft. We were given a hot cloth to wipe our hands and then a drink of juice and some cheesy biscuits.  I’m sorry, but I had already started my meal when Mrs Johnson reminded me that I hadn’t taken a photo of it.  So in the empty dish at the top was a sort of salad with lettuce, rice and pumpkin seeds.  The main course was rice with soya beans and tomato on one side and a veggie curry on the other.  There was a bread roll and margarine and cheese and biscuits.  Also a fruit compote with a cinnamon flavoured crumble and a piece of chocolate.  I have saved the chocolate for when I am missing it in a couple of weeks time! Mrs Johnson had a glass of wine, as she had a cold and it would help her get better soon. 

We left the UK at 2.15 in the afternoon and arrived in Dubai at half past midnight, but we did have to keep changing our watches to keep up with local time.  Dubai Airport is very big and very posh!  We had to wait for a couple of hours and then got onto the plane to Chennai, which used to be called Madras.  We were VERY tired by then, and tried to sleep, but the plane was very noisy even with earplugs in.  We did manage to drop off, only to be woken at 4.30 (in the MORNING) to be given another meal.  We didn’t bother!

At Chennai we collected our luggage and walked around from the international to the domestic airport, which is only next door.  Then we went to the departure lounge to wait for our flight to Madurai.  This airport was very different to Dubai and the toilets were not very nice at all. Mrs Johnson had her first cup of Indian tea which was made with frothy milk.  The flight to Madurai was only an hour and a half and so we were getting VERY excited.  Madurai airport is only 3 years old and very nice.  We collected out luggage and got a taxi to the Provincialate where we would be staying for the night.  All the sisters there were very pleased to see us!  We bathed and got changed and had something to eat.  Then we went to the bank to change our money into rupees and had a little walk as we had been sitting for SO long.  After supper we went to bed and slept very well as we were so tired.

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