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Posted by Cherry Tree Class - WFPS on 28/11/2012

Dear Julie, We have really enjoyed reading about your trip to India. It sounded like you had a good time there. We would like to know what the food tasted like. We felt frightened and worried that the children were not being safe with the fireworks. We are happy that the children got new clothes for Diwali. We thought you looked beautiful in your Diwali dress. We are glad the children liked their new pants. We found it quite funny! Thank you for helping the children in India. Love from Team Cherries (Year 1) xx

Posted by Jamie and Josh on 04/11/2012

Well done Julie and Mrs J. Looks like you are having a great time. We'll get the marmite in when you get back. Which project are WFPS going to be supporting xx

Posted by Julie on 31/10/2012

Mrs J, we are still following your adventures online - what an amazing experience! Are you beginning to miss a meal that you can cut with a knife?

Posted by Tracey, Isabele & Ben on 30/10/2012

We are loving keeping in touch with your trip and the girls Mrs Johnson. It looks amazing. With best wishes from us all xxx

Posted by Julie on 29/10/2012

Diane, stop crying! It is making me cry to read about you crying! Julie PS I think Celeste was asking if you had been bitten by Mosquitoes, not scorpions!

Posted by craig poole on 29/10/2012   Email

It looks like you are having a ball, look forward to seeing the rest when ypou get back best wishes craig

Posted by Celeste on 29/10/2012

It looks like a lovely meal, it must be hard to eat with one hand. I bet the girls were brilliant at dancing. Did you manige to keep the pot on your head? Is it hot and have you bin bitten yet? I am so pleased that the children are so happy and well looked after because of St Loys. You must have been very happy to see all those well fed children that St Loys fed. I'll catch up with you soon. Best Wishes, Celeste X

Posted by Natalie middleton on 28/10/2012

Dear Mrs Johnson How are you getting on at THANGACHIMADAM!!!, Did you have a good Journey,!!!! I have seen a pichture of you standing on the scorpion step,I have seen all the girls, Do you like it in thangachimadam are the girls nice!!! Have one of the girls read my letter, year 3,4 sent a book with letters in it do they like it. Love From Natalie Middleton xxxxxxxxxxxxx P.S Have a good time!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Posted by Julie on 28/10/2012

Celeste says, it must be amazing, Mrs Johnson. I hope you have fun!

Posted by Julie on 27/10/2012

Mrs Johnson, Oz wants to know if you have seen the toilets yet.

Posted by stephanie on 23/10/2012

Have a good trip xox

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