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For breakfast we had puttu mashed with our fingers with banana (very messy and great fun!)  and of course a ‘proper’ cup of tea for Mrs J.

We were going to use the convent’s computer to check Mrs J's flight, but Sr Thelma asked that quickly we came with her to the school.  Here she showed us the computer we paid for earlier this year. 

I told her that we had been given the money for another one, so she was VERY happy!  Then I updated the website whilst Mrs J went to the creche.  She had great fun!  She taught them ‘Heads and shoulders, knees and toes’ and they taught her to count to ten! 

The children have lunch at the creche and here the teacher is showing one child how to eat nicely with their fingers.

After a drink and a few biscuits we went and looked around the hospital.  Then it was time for lunch and I had rice and mashed potatoes, dhal, green beans, drumsticks and cabbage, followed by an apple.  Apples are VERY expensive here. 

Nearly time to leave!  All packed and bathed and the taxi arrives to take us to Madurai.  First we go to the Provincialate for the sisters to ‘wish’ Mrs J. We had tea and various types of tiffin - roasted almonds, a sort of sweet Bombay mix, a very stiff jelly made from mangoes and cut into squares and what looked like little new potatoes but were soft and full of sugary syrup.

Into the taxi again and to the airport to drop Mrs J off.  I am quite sure she had a lovely time in India!

Only after we had dropped off Mrs J did the car break down!  So we had to sit and wait for another car to come and pick us (Sr Dorothy and myself) up.  Then off to Karisalpatti!!! 

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