Batlagundu Creche

(Although for breakfast we were still at Thangachimadam!)

For breakfast we had idli -  a steamed rice cross between bread and sponge, but with no taste, so it comes with curry.

And as usual things didn’t go exactly to plan! We could not travel on the Tuesday as it was a holiday and on Wednesday there was a general strike, so the buses were not running.  We tried to get a taxi but they were on strike as well.  Eventually the Sisters found a man who had a minibus and he took us to Madurai.  We had lunch and I was very happy to meet Sr Josephine Indira - I had not seen her for 20 years so we were both very happy!  We rested and had a cup of tea and some chocolate blancmange (made especially for us!) which looked horrible, but tasted lovely!  Then two Sisters from Batlagundu who had been shopping in Madurai, came to pick us up. 

We got to Batlagundu for supper and another surprise - my friend Shiny was here to meet me!  She has been working in Peru for the last 12 years.  We do keep in contact by email but it was so nice to meet again.  I will be chatting to her a lot over the next couple of weeks to find out about life in Peru.
We are in a lovely room in the hospital.  It even has hot water in the bathroom!  So we bathed and lay down on our beds with PROPER mattresses!  Not 20cm deep like yours but about 10cm deep and so comfortable compared with what we had been sleeping on!  We were very happy - warm water to bathe in and a mattress to sleep on, the ONLY thing Mrs J was missing was a proper cup of tea.  Here tea is made by boiling milk with tea powder and adding lots of sugar.  Anyway, we slept VERY well!  It is a bit noisy being near a road as all vehicles have to sound their horn when overtaking anything, even a bike. 
This morning for breakfast we had dulsi again - like a pancake made of rice, with coconut chutney and lentil / tomato sambal, followed by a banana.  Then Sr Mary Luke brought in a jug of boiling water, a box of tea bags and a pot of (hot!) milk.  Mrs J made herself a cup of tea, just how she likes it and was a very happy bunny. 


She wrote up another message for you - number 4 and then we hit the shops! First the sari shop and for someone who doesn’t particularly like shopping, she did VERY well.  We staggered back laden with bags and we have to go again this afternoon as she has more things to buy!!!  For lunch she had chicken in a sauce and fried little fish with rice, green beans and grated carrot, followed by a banana.  And another cup of tea!
It is hottest here after lunch, so that is when I do my washing, which is drying nicely, bathe and have a rest.  At 4 o’clock we will go and have a cup of tea and tiffin - which is any sort of sweet cake / biscuit / snack.  Then it’s shopping AGAIN!  Mrs J will have LOTS to show you next week!

Tomorrow the cook is making puttu for breakfast as this is something Mrs J has not tried.  Then she is going to the creche to see the children there.  Sr Mary Luke is going to teach her how to count to ten in Tamil, so she can teach you!  Another lady cooks the childrens’ lunches, so I will photograph this and then we will have lunch with the children.  In the afternoon we go back to Madurai so Mrs J can catch her first plane back to England. The taxi will then take me to Karisalpatti!  Get ready Clipston and Hunsbury Park Schools!

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