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This website was set up to cover Julie and Mrs Johnson's trip to India in October and November 2012.   Both are now back home but you can see where they went, what they did and most importantly, what they had to eat!

Julie Foster is off to India soon and whilst there, she is going to spend most of her time with the children at the schools and orphanages, which will include eating with the children rather than with the Sisters.  She will take photos of her meals and put them on this website, so you can see what your money is paying for as well as the actual children you are helping.  So please continue collecting your pennies for us and encourage others to do so.  (Remember EVERY penny you give goes to the children!)

from St Loy's School is accompanying Julie!!!


How scared was I ??!!??   So, Friday morning after breakfast, I am sitting in my room typing away on my laptop.  I could hear the children outside, sweeping the paths and chatting.  Someone comes into my room and I turn, expecting to see Sr Jeeva with a flask of water for me.  Instead I see quite a large monkey, standing on his back legs about to take my projector which was on my bedside table.  What to do???   I stood up and shouted and ran a little towards him.  Thankfully he ran out, leaving my projector behind.  I quickly slammed the door and bolted it.  What to do next???  He could now be in my bathroom, toilet or the other bedroom in this building.  I only have one door and the window has bars on it so I cannot climb out of the window.  So I opened the window and shouted to some children.  They came over and I told them there had been a monkey in my room - they thought that was very funny!  I told them to fetch a grown-up because it might still be in the building and I was scared of it.  A few minutes later there was a knock at my door, which I could tell was from a human being and not a monkey.  The boys then went into each of the other rooms and searched, said there was no monkey hiding and shut and bolted the windows and doors.   Soon the whole school will be talking about Julie-Auntie’s visitor!





  • Hunsbury Park School

    Lunch on Thursday 4th October included chicken curry, rice and vegetables, bread and a flapjack.

  • Send us your photos

    Send in a photo of your school dinner and please include the cost.  In India our dinners are only 2p!  They might have gone up by now - I'll find out for you when I'm there.

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. . . a registered charity which works in India, helping to build and run schools, orphanages, children's boarding homes, creches and women's refuges.           (Reg'd Charity No. 1098864)

We link schools here with schools and orphanages in India and give talks on 'Christianity in Action' for RE, India generally for Humanities and are happy to lead assemblies etc.  All we ask is for the children to collect pennies for us to pay for school dinners.  (Or you can buy books (10p+) or sports equipment etc if you like!)  You will receive thank-you letters and pictures from 'your' project and updates and quarterly newsletters from Children United!

Please email for more information (click on Contact us) or go to our main website at www.childrenunited.btck.co.uk

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